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Émission VOIR, Télé-Québec:

Patricia Ruvalcaba, Mural, They offer a captivating trance.The dreamlike show Le Mobile took expressions of astonishment from audience, Guadalajara, Mexique, may 20, 2012

« Le Mobile impresses with its dreamlike presentation at LARVA. The trance between life and death could be the most poetic and captivating dream. An inward journey through the senses. »

José De La Colina, Milenio, The purest essence of movement, Mexique,
may 20, 2012

« A roar. Not even David Lynch at the most lunatic of his geniality has imagined a story so full of chilling sensations. A woman floating in the air, inert body. A ring. Table. Glass. The space. Everything is a rumor, like the crisp sound of crystals. Images, darkness, light. The auditorium has cut its breath. »

E. Barrera, El Informator, The story of the suspended woman, Guadalajara, Mexique, may 19, 2012

« intense with flashes illuminating the spectators. »

Nine, Le Mobile - Cultural Festival of Mayo 2012, Guadalajara, Mexique, may 19, 2012

« real time projections, created with models and drawings, superimposed with a deep acting from this woman in the air, spinning between life and death. A great presentation made at LARVA (Laboratorio de Arte Variedades) with a full house in both presentations. The public was fascinated by the show. It was more than a performance; it was pure art, with a unique proposition for those who had the chance to enjoy it. »

Milenio, The magic of visual arts, Guadalajara, Mexique, may 19, 2012

« The romance between the public of Guadalajara and the artistic expressions of Quebec continue at the Festival Cultural de Mayo. The show Le Mobile of Carole Nadeau left the public with great satisfaction. »

Gonzalo Jauregui, El Informador, Exquisite performance, Guadalajara, Mexique, may 17, 2012

« a different way of doing circus, a multidisciplinary and multimedia show that invites the viewer to enter into a poetic and surreal world. »

Ricardo Solis, La Jornada, From Montreal to the LARVA, Le Mobile by Carole Nadeau, with two presentations. The staging weaves visuals arts, installation, video, and, of course, theater, Jalisco, Mexique, may 17, 2012

« The purpose of turning the language into poetry comes out of the exploration human and technological elements, and in essence, what we obtain is pure seduction. [...] Veronica Lopez, [...] added that a show so innovative like Le Mobile it will make possible to prove "the performative possibilities of the space "and its versatility". »

Alexandre Cadieux, Le Devoir, Left unsettled, Montreal, november 16, 2010

« In her latest creation, Le mobile (which in French plays on the meanings of "motive" and "mobile"), she offers a spellbinding text that interweaves games, video and sound environment with such evocative power that words are almost superfluous. [...] Encapsulated within this spellbinding kaleidoscope, the web of meaning created by the tangle of stage media unfolds with feverish inventiveness and the manipulation of objects caught by Hudonís camera produces breathtaking effects. [...] Between human motive and criminal intent, between suspense and suspension, form and content interact in this work in an entertaining puzzle. Strange characters with animal heads drift through space. Enormous eyes scrutinize the diminutive body held prisoner in midair. In short, you feel that youíre with Alice in a disturbing Wonderland of
the Unconscious. »

Jean Siag, La Presse, Le Mobile: between life and death, Montreal, nov. 12, 2012

« Suspended in midair throughout the show, Carole Nadeau takes us on a breathless plunge into the depths of a soul straddling life and death. Attached by straps and harnesses reaching the ceiling, she begins the show in a prone position, then straightens up, swivels, moves towards the audience, and bows down her head. The effect is stunning. »

Mélanie Thibault, Mon Théâ, Between two waters, november 13, 2010

« The staging is full of inventiveness, combining body, space, voice and image. Carole Nadeau, a visual artist with Le Pont Bridge for 15 years, is one of those great artists who can juggle disciplines without losing the audience. »

Alain-Martin Richard, revue Inter, art actuel, no 106, fall 2010

« In this game of comings and goings between the illusion, the symbolic and surrealist images, and the tangible structure of the set, Le Mobile and the visible backstage, the narrative takes shape, materialize in a magnificent poetic picture built directly live by the scenographer Louis Hudon. From a model and from a trolley in the multiple functions, he builds the decoration in a real time, supporting the story with brightness. »

Jacqueline Bouchard, revue Spirale, no 233, July-August 2010

« The audience, too, is suspended on the thread of a story that they piece together bit by bit, with the meaning emerging from the clues like a person gradually emerging out of a coma. [...] The nightmare is entertaining. The staging is rock solid and succeeds in creating a blend of the naive and the spontaneous, grounded in a sophisticated technological design. [...] Both human and technological potential are explored in a sensitive communal experience designed less to break records or to dazzle than to seduce. By this, I mean creating mystery and pleasure, using subtlety and poetry. This explains the intimate relationship and empathy that develop between the character and the audience in the work of Carole Nadeau. »